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Why Choose Walnut Hill College?

· A Boutique College with World-Class Education: We are not your typical college or university. Walnut Hill College is an accredited, independent, degree-granting institution centered on luxury hospitality education. We thrive in our boutique environment, which allows our students to flourish and get to know their instructors and classmates well.

· Hands-On Training Within Your Major and Beyond: Hands-on training is essential to your education and success in the hospitality industry. Walnut Hill College offers students not only extensive hands-on experience through classwork, but also the opportunity to cross-train between front-of-house and back-of-house operations in all of our majors. This way, you receive the most from any program of study you choose.

· Faculty with Real-World Experience: Our faculty not only know how to teach in a classroom setting but also are experienced hospitality professionals. Whether they once led a large-scale hotel operation or executed their own successful restaurant, our hospitality professors and chef instructors know the fundamental requirements for success.

· Tuition-Paid Travel: We offer our students travel experiences of a lifetime. At Walnut Hill College, the world truly becomes your classroom as you take a gastronomic tour of France or a Florida resort tour and cruise to the Bahamas, all while working toward your associate degree. As a bachelor student, you’ll even enjoy an extraordinary trip to England!


Where better to earn your degree than one of our nation’s first hospitality colleges?


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