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LMU’s Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA) Program

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A new program for high-achieving, highly motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed admission into one of our professional degree pathways upon successful completion of their undergraduate coursework at LMU.

In today’s competitive realm of higher education, students and their families want to make sure they get a good return on investment. In fact, this is one reason LMU created the GPA Program– to help high-achieving students enter professional education pathways sooner! Some of the program’s special perks include:

  • A Specialized Program Advisor
  • Connections to Professional Faculty or Staff Member
  • Preferential Housing
  • LMU School-Spirit Swag
  • And More!

Overall, the GPA program is designed to offer high-achieving and highly motivated seniors the opportunity to begin cementing their educational and career goals during their undergraduate education, while using that foundation to catapult them into a guaranteed acceptance in their professional education.

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